WeDiggit Garden Build Application

Best Number to Contact You:*
Do you have an outdoor space at your home that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight per day and can accomodate a 4x8 garden bed?*
Do you own your home?*
If not, do you have written permission to garden?*
How much gardening experience do you have?*
How many times a week do you eat/prepare fresh fruits and/or veggies?*
How many people live in your household?*
Approximately how much do you spend on groceries each week?*
Are you committed to growing vegetables, herbs and fruits in your garden bed this year?*
Are you prepared to commit to regularly work to maintain your garden?*
We require each participant attend a free Gardening 101 class to assist you in getting started. Which days are best for you?*
What times are best for you?*
Are you physically able to participate in the installation?*
Are you committed in recruiting 3-5 people to help you with the installation?*
What days and times are you available for your installation?*
After your garden installation, you will receive support visits to assist with gardening needs, supply materials(if needed), answer questions and provide assistance. Are you committed to scheduling the follow-up support check-ins?*
Will you complete a survey summarizing your experience to assist us in strengthening our program for future participants?*
How did you hear about our program?*
Please tell us why you would like to receive a garden installation from us.*