Urban Roots Garden Builds


Urban Roots Garden builds creates gardens for residents in Sacramento. In some areas we can even provide gardens at no-cost to you.  These gardens may include raised garden, in-ground or container gardening depending on your space.

In addition to a garden, we also provide education, tools, and resources to ensure a successful harvest.


Dig Deeper...

With the support education and tools needed to grow your own food, you become healthier by eating more vegetables, increased physical activity by working in your garden, and you save money by reducing their food bill.

With a single seed, not much bigger than the period at the end of this sentence, we will rebuild, restore, and transform our communities to a healthier places and increase beauty and well-being. 

You Get

  • A home garden
  • Seeds and plants to get started
  • Information about composting 
  • Garden resources to keep you learning and growing



Lettuce cultivate your soil!

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