KDEE 97.5 FM Community Radio host Jay King asked if the relationship between the Police and the Neighborhoods is working? Sacramento City Chief of Police Daniel Hahn’s Response

“This is why I wanted Brother to Brother (BtoB) to come on the show today.

Several weeks ago, we had a very large shooting in the north area. Two groups were shooting at each other. I called Merv (Mervin Brookins,lead outreach specialist for BtoB)

On this day because the very next day was a football game at Grant HS where all groups potentially come to watch football and don’t particularly care for each other. I called Merv, who already knew half of what I was telling him. I said these are my concerns. I don’t want something to happen at Grant HS. I’ll have extra officers there but can you do your thing? Merv said, “I already started”. Guess what, nothing happened. Merv and Larry sent Brother to Brother (to Grant HS).

People in the neighborhood know them and people respect them.

We’re able to have a football game, kids can play their sport, enjoy themselves and it doesn’t (the game) have to get cancelled because of this partnership.”

(Between Police and Brother to Brother)

Jimmy’s Local Business Owners – Thai and Lue Thao

“I have lived in this community for over 20 years and as a business owner in my neighborhood, I have come to realize the lack of public space for the community to use. 

Every morning my customers comes in for coffee and breakfast at my business but the lack of public space to enjoy their meal, they hang out in the parking lot. The efforts of Neighborhood Wellness Foundation has been a great help to mitigating this situation.”

Captain Pamela Seyffert North Sacramento Police Department

“As I spent more and more time around those involved with Brother to Brother, I first recognized that they were committed to what they were doing and they kept showing up. It is now easy to see that Brother to Brother is having a sustained impact on this community. I cannot directly point to Brother to Brother and provide statistics as to how they have influenced crime, but I can say that violent crime rates are down in North Sacramento.”

Derrell Roberts, CEO/Co-Founder
Roberts Family Development Center

Recognition of the members of Brother to Brother and their Stellar support

“Night Life Turned Right (NLTR) has been a part of our overall community strategy to provide positive alternative activities for teens and their family members during the summer months. This past summer, fights amongst unruly young people occurred more than we ever saw. After soliciting the support of Brother to Brother to assist by being a part of our outreach staff, things settled down drastically. Their addition to being active participants in NLTR proved to be a smart move. Their presence calmed down the youth and reassured adults that there was a strong force on site to support positive interactions.”



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